In addition to strengthening the economy and protecting the environment, CAMAAY strives to enhance the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of Cameroonians.

Health care

Our international interns work alongside healthcare professionals at public or private health institutions or community medical clinics to organize prevention and education campaigns on health-related topics and diseases and train health personnel and social workers in hospice and palliative care practices.  They conduct screenings for diabetes and high blood pressure, cancer, HIV/AIDS, and other diseases.

a gift for a child with epilepsy

a gift for a child with epilepsy

When needed, we follow through with hospice outreach and end-of-life care, and practical and psychological support for the children of parents with HIV, and for children with epilepsy or other disabilities.

But because we know an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, we also help create and manage school and community health clubs; teach important sanitary practices like handwashing and menstrual health management; and undertake projects to supply clean water and toilet faciltities where needed.


Preventing violence against women

Violence against women, including genital mutilation, forced early marriage, and sexual exploitation, is a major threat to a healthy and happy life for women in Cameroon.  We offer capacity-building training on gender violence, to empower women to stand up for their rights and report abuse.

Sports teams and events

At CAMAAY, we believe that sports builds bridges by bringing people of different cultural backgrounds together, and building strong communities. It also provides a much-needed distraction from the hard realities and struggles in the lives of disadvantaged people.

footballThe core values of sport are the values of peace: fair play, cooperation, sharing, and respect. We believe sports should be accessible to all individuals regardless of age or ability. Even those who do not attend school or will never play on a team should be able to participate.

Volunteer coaches and professional interns promote sports programs that provide a structured opportunity for fun and skills development while fostering friendships and a sense of teamwork. We set up and manage sports clubs and teams at schools, and organize sporting events and competitions.  By participating in events outside of Cameroon, we promote intercultural understanding, and peace.

Play Time

Many Cameroon children are forced to grow up quickly. They are expected to take on the household chores and are often obliged to look after their younger siblings.

playWe construct and maintain playgrounds at schools and organize a variety of cooperative leisure activities, and run structured play times using balls, jump ropes, colouring books and crayons

This time allows children an opportunity just to be children—to play games, be carefree, and expend some of their boundless energy.

Human Rights

We invite legal interns to work with local NGOs and law firms on monitoring the observance of human rights; seeking redress for violations; and raising awareness of human rights issues. They track legislation in the Cameroon Senate and Parliament; draft policy papers on behalf of local human rights NGOs; and assist in elections monitoring. 

Intercultural Exchange

Cultural exchange with other countries is a very important means of deepening understanding of Cameroon and promoting international friendship and goodwill. With interdependence among nations on the increase, it has become more and more important to promote mutual understanding of other customs and cultural traditions, and to strengthen heart-to-heart contacts through cultural exchange.

CAMAAY undertakes various intercultural activities such as personnel exchanges (dispatching Cameroonian scholars, artists, professionals, sports instructors, and other individuals to foreign countries and inviting foreign, scholars, artists, and others to Cameroon) and exhibitions of Cameroon art works, Cameroon stage and musical performances.

By providing immersive learning experiences in new environments combined with regular reflection and coaching opportunities, CAMAAY helps participants build solid foundations for the future—whether in their academic careers, entry into the workforce or simply as responsible and tolerant members of the larger community.