We work with vulnerable, marginalized and deprived youths to help them live to their fulfill their potential.  We also provide support to the elderly and infirm, and empower rural women to become self-sufficient.

Here are some of the projects we have undertaken in the past, and look forward to partnering with other groups and individuals to continue with in the future.


We place teaching interns from around the world to help in Cameroon’s understaffed and poorly resourced rural schools.  We also solicit donations of used computers from individuals, businesses, and institutions around the world to place in schools, where they they vastly enhance educational opportunities, teach marketable IT skills, and foster a global community.

Charles Babila:  I am the head teacher of Public School Njeka, Bali, Cameroon. For three years now, our school has been working in partnership with CAMAAY. They have helped our school with these programs:

  • Placed six volunteer teachers at our school (Technology Education, Physical Education, German, and English languages)
  • Organized campaigns on non-violent education and the right to play of children
  • Constructed a playground at our school

In conclusion, I wish to say that CAMAAY is doing a wonderful job to help with the education of our children.

We are currently soliciting new partnerships for our Connecting Classrooms and Communities program.

footballSports and Play

The core values of sport are the values of peace: fair play, cooperation, sharing, and respect. We believe sports should be accessible to all individuals regardless of age or ability. Even those who do not attend school or will never play on a team should be able to participate.

Volunteer coaches and professional interns promote sports programs that provide a structured opportunity for fun and skills development while fostering friendships and a sense of teamwork. We set up and manage sports clubs and teams at schools, and organize sporting events and competitions.

We also construct and maintain playgrounds at schools; organize a variety of cooperative leisure activities; and run structured play times using balls, jump ropes, colouring books and crayons

This time allows children an opportunity just to be children—to play games, be carefree, and expend some of their boundless energy.



Health and Medical Support

Our international interns work alongside healthcare professionals at public or private health institutions or community medical clinics to organize prevention and education campaigns on health-related topics and diseases and train health personnel and social workers in hospice and palliative care practices.  They conduct screenings for diabetes and high blood pressure, cancer, HIV/AIDS, and other diseases.  When needed, we follow through with hospice outreach and end-of-life care, and practical and psychological support for the children of parents with HIV, and for children with epilepsy or other disabilities.

But because we know an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, we also help create and manage school and community health clubs; teach important sanitary practices like handwashing and menstrual health management; and undertake projects to supply clean water and toilet faciltities where needed. 

Mary Mbon: I am sixteen years old, and I lost both of my parents six years ago. Before CAMAAY gave me a menstruation kit, I was subjected to mockery by my classmates when I had a leakage at school. I am very thankful for how CAMAAY has helped me. I attended a workshop that they organized on pre-marital sex and menstruation for young girls. By participating in the workshop, I learned about the consequences of premarital sex, which includes unwanted pregnancy, STDs, and AIDS.

I was also taught to count my menstrual cycle and learned what to do before and after menstruation. Before CAMAAY helped me, I used newspapers during menstrual flow, and was subjected to mockery by my friends when I had a leakage during class. Due to the fact that I am an orphan, my grandmother could not afford to buy me a feminine hygiene kit.

I am very grateful to CAMAAY for giving me a feminine hygiene kit that I can use for three years. May God bless them and their supporters abundantly.

Empowering Women

 Violence against women, including genital mutilation, forced early marriage, and sexual exploitation, is a major threat to a healthy and happy life for women in Cameroon.  We offer capacity-building training on gender violence, to empower women to stand up for their rights and report abuse.

Community mobilization

We have also worked with Help Ourselves Women, The Dynamic Women’s Group and others on such issues as women and climate change, financial management, and growing more nutritious and prolific crops. 

Environmental Protection

  • We run conservation camps at two sites of breathtaking natural beauty, Mount Oku  and Lake Oku in the Bamenda Highlands of Cameroon.  International volunteers and local participants work together to segregate farm and grazing land, plant trees for reforestation, and clean up the lake shores and summit. They meet with the community to brainstorm and develop an action plan, and organize a campaign to educate the community about the importance of conserving these special spots.
  • Working cooperatively with local communities, schools, hospitals, and local councils, we acquire land for nursery establishment; prepare the nurseries; water; bag, and transplant the trees, and provide security.  We select tree species that can absorb greenhouse gases, improve agricultural yields, and generate extra income for villagers.  In 2015-16, we are focusing on planting moringa trees in school gardens.
  • We work with rural communities to install and maintain solar facilities that allow villagers to cook and heat with solar energy, rather than chopping down trees for wood.