Our work is sustained by the generous contributions of schools, churches, hospitals, professional organizations, corporations and compassionate individuals like you.

Sister school pen palsPlease email us if you:

We partner with schools, corporations, charitable institutions, professional organizations and individuals around the world

  • are upgrading your computer system and can donate your old equipment;
  • are a member of a professional school or organization interested in placing or receiving interns for a unique training opportunity;
  • would like to host a show or sports event from Cameroon, or arrange for your group to perform in rural Cameroon;
  • are part of a company involved in construction, agriculture or medicine and are willing to donate equipment or supplies to our projects;
  • are connected with a charitable organization interested in raising money for us; or
  • are associated with any other type of group that might be able to help us


Click here for more information on joining us if  you:

  • would like to volunteer or intern with us; or
  • would like to help from home.