booksworldwideHAVE TOO MANY BOOKS?  


Either way, solve your problems — and ours — by hosting a CAMAAY BOOK SALE 

  • Find a location for your sale, set a time, and arrange to have at least 3 or four tables to display your books. booksale3
  • Design and print a flyer or poster to distribute, email your friends about it, and publicize it in other ways, such as online and in-store community bulletin boards
  • Call or email bookstores in your area to see if they would be willing to donate some of their overstock (many bookstores like to donate books they can’t sell to a charitable cause).  
  • Ask your friends if they have some books they’d like to get rid of, and comb your own shelves.  
  • In your publicity materials, encourage everyone to bring along at least one book to donate, and let them know they can pay with cash, a check, or PayPal.  
  • booksale5Before the sale, organize your books into categories.  If you have enough books in each of these categories, try separating your books into General Fiction, Science Fiction, Mysteries, Kids books, YA, How-to (Cookbooks/Travel/Repair Manuals etc) and General Non-Fiction (history, biography, science, etc.).   Make signs for each category.  
  • On the day of the sale, set out your books out by category with labels, and ask anyone who comes with a book donation to place their books in the categories where they fit.  
  • Seat yourself by the door with a donation jar.  Ask everyone who finds something they want if they will contribute to CAMAAY whatever they think their haul is worth, but not less than $2 per book.   Print out bookmarks ahead of time and slip one into each book “purchased.”.
  • Afterwards, post a report about your event on our Facebook page and tweet about it to @CameroonYouth.

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