The CAMEROON ASSOCIATION OF ACTIVE YOUTHS (CAMAAY) is a community empowerment organization. It is managed by democratically elected officials and youths, with the support of elders and other stakeholders. Its organizational structure is made up of a general assembly, executive board members, board of advisers, and the membership.MEETING

CAMAAY started as a self-help group  when members gathered a few resources and organized free remedial catch-up classes for some underprivileged and vulnerable children and youths in Bafoussam, the western region of Cameroon.  In response to community urging, the organization decided to expand its activities and register as a not-for-profit under Cameroon law in August 2005.  In 2014, we partnered with Global Giving to raise funds for our projects, and 2015 we joined the OnGood.ngo community.