17 Sustainable Development Goals

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In 2015, global leaders agreed to 17 Sustainable Development Goals to reach by 2030. These issues range from poverty, gender equality, hunger, health, clean water, sustainability and social justice. Initiatives to target these goals have sprung up around the globe. Sponsored by the United Nations, this “2030 Agenda” has called for the implementation of these goals to be carried out by local institutions and local actors.


Schoolchildren working on Growing Gardens project

Cameroon is one of the African countries who agreed to enact these 2015 Sustainable Development Goals and is working hard to help the sectors of sustainable agriculture, clean water systems, alleviating poverty, fostering innovation and industry, quality education, and gender equality. The Cameroon Association of Active Youths is one of the country’s local actors working to execute a number of the Sustainable Development Goals. CAMAAY works to implement gardens, clean water sanitation systems, and sustainable practices in the lives of the Cameroon people. Our Agricultural Impact Assessment and Growing Gardens initiatives target sustainable agricultural practices. Meanwhile our Water for Oku and Typhoid in Batibo projects aim to create sustainable water systems. Our projects have also received governmental support and hands on help from other local organizations, such as the Netherlands’ Engineers without Borders. You can learn more about the UN Sustainable Development Goals here. Coming up are a few ways CAMAAY’s projects have directly contributed to the Sustainable Development Goals. 


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