Meet Our Team: Joanne Yee, Global Community Manager


In my role as CAMAAY’s Global Community Manager I am responsible for recruiting volunteers from the international community and supporting them in their work which needs to align with CAMAAY’s strategic direction.  I have worked with CAMAAY’s director to update CAMAAY’s strategic direction using the balanced scorecard approach and to develop an organisational structure which supports the implementation of the strategy. Within this role I have assisted CAMAAY in developing a strong and transparent project management process by developing and supporting the implementation of project management strategies and project evaluation frameworks.  These approaches are currently being rolled out across our school garden project which addresses nutrition deficiencies in children and teaches sustainable agricultural practices. In this role I am responsible for effective and timely updates to our project donors. 

One of the key challenges for an NGO is obtaining funding for our projects.  Our philosophy of transparency in our work, reliable and effective communication and well planned and effective projects is a constant theme within our work and is something we will continue to work hard to achieve.  This commitment assisted in our successful application for a Rhodes Scholars Southern Africa Forum (RSSAF) grant, where we were one of three organisations to receive the grant out of over 250 applicants.

A key challenge for Cameroon is the sustainable development of agriculture industries.  I am currently project manager and technical lead in the development of an environmental impact assessment which assesses the impact of current agricultural practices upon the environment.  This project is supported by the Ministry and will provide advice to them regarding approaches for maximising productivity in a manner that is environmentally sustainable.

Our next key project challenge will be supporting the government of Cameroon in developing a water security strategy within North-West Cameroon.  Our approach will be guided by technical and project management principles which we hope will result in a project which can be replicated in other parts of Cameroon.  This project will prioritise areas for investment and highlight where further research needs to be undertaken. A critical measure of our success will be our ability to engage with local communities to incorporate their local knowledge in this project and in turn to provide opportunities for local Cameroonians to learn key skills in water management.

CAMAAY is an exciting organisation to work for as the team are so passionate about all the work that we do. I particularly enjoy working with an amazing team who are spread across the globe and who each bring their own experience and passion to our projects.

Joanne’s extensive experience in the field of environmental sustainability makes her a welcome part of CAMAAY’S team. In 2018, she was awarded a Certificate of Distinction by the SDG Academy for Environmental Security and Sustaining Peace. Her work as our Global Community Manager is integral to the Cameroon Association of Active Youths.



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