Five School Gardens in North-West Cameroon

As a result of your support, CAMAAY has successfully assisted 5 schools in setting up gardens in their schools in the Bali, Batibo and Oku regions. These have become an important asset to children as they have taught children to grow nutritious food which improves their health and knowledge of sustainable farming practices. Knowledge is being spread throughout the community as children are teaching their parents and parents are becoming more supportive of the gardens. From time to time the gardens provide excess vegetables and seedlings for use at home thereby improving the nutrition of the extended family. Family and other members of the community are becoming more interested in improving their own farming skills as a result of what they see as success in the school gardens.

As a result of the success of the existing project there has been significant interest from schools in other areas. CAMAAY hope to continue to expand the project into other schools in North-West Cameroon.

Prior to expanding the project to new schools CAMAAY want to stop, reflect and learn from the existing projects. We want to see even further success in any future projects and we wish to review key aspects of the existing projects to incorporate learnings into new projects.

This is a work in progress for CAMAAY. We are currently developing an evaluation framework which sets the approach for undertaking a strategic assessment of the success of our projects against our project objectives. First, we will review the objectives for our project, set key performance indicators and develop interview and assessment questions. Then we will undertake the site assessments to interview people and review associated documents.

An evaluation report will summarise the key learnings which will be incorporated into any project extension that occurs in the future.

Growing Hope for Cameroon School Children: Our Global Giving Donation Page

The children enjoying their harvest

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