New Opportunities Available with CAMAAY

Are you looking to get more involved? Maybe even get your community involved with Cameroonian communities? Or perhaps you’re great at grant writing? We’ve got some exciting new virtual volunteer opportunities that we’d love to share with you, and hope that you’ll considering one of our openings! To apply, please send a covering letter and your CV/resumé to


Online Researchers 1 ea school gardens, water purification

Responsible for reviewing the latest innovations and information in a project field, and designing and implementing project elements that incorporate them. Coordinate by email with project participants on site and with other virtual volunteers. Explore grant opportunities and partnership connections with other organizations involved in similar projects.

Comfortable with computers and with regular access to wifi. Current projects involve sustainable agriculture and water purification systems and some experience or expertise in one of these areas is desirable but not required.


Project manager Responsible for preparing detailed work outlines and budgets for all projects, using the Commonwealth Foundation’s results chain and logic model. Coordinate by email with program administrator, financial adviser, and virtual volunteers as needed. Write project summaries and monthly reports based on information received from the field. Design data collection tools for ongoing and final project evaluation, and offer feedback as needed. Participate in online workshops or courses as appropriate,

Some experience with at least one of the following: project design, budget development, date collection, survey design, or systems evaluation.


Grant writer – Pursues grant opportunities identified by virtual volunteers. Participate in online workshops or courses as appropriate.

Ability to understand and communicate complex concepts.  Capable of writing clear, expressive English.


Community Outreach Volunteers work with high school and college groups, fraternal and sororal organizations, churches, and other charitable organizations to explore ways to provide assistance to ongoing projects in Cameroon. Work might include organizing fundraisers such as book or bake sales, establishing pen pal or sister city connections, or organizing drives to collect and send needed goods like uses computers.

Outgoing and comfortable working with people in person, by phone, and by email.  Current involvement  with local community organizations desired by not required.

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