Pietro’s November Report on School Gardens

Our volunteer, Pietro, has provided us at CAMAAY with a week’s worth of fantastic updates on several of the school gardens we’re supporting in Cameroon. We’re very pleased with what we has reported! Here is his report:

Monday: At Bamendankwe Primary School everything but the peppers have sprouted. The children did some weeding in the garden, and we are planning to transplant tomatoes and lettuce next week. At Hibuns Polytechnic the lesson was about mechanical properties of materials, plastic and elastic deformation.


Bamendankwe Primary School

Tuesday: In the primary school in Ambo the project is, for now, a complete success. All the vegetables have sprouted. I have brought 4 empty 10 liters bottles in order to allow the children to stock water inside the school campus.
The lesson at Guzang Secondary School was about relative atomic mass, the mole and avogadro constant.


A success in Ambo

Wednesday: At Batibo Secondary School the seeds have been planted Monday.
The lessons were covalent bond and compounds for the lower seed. pH measurement and dissociation constant in acid and base for the upper seed.

Thursday: At Chomba Primary School the seeds have just started sprouting. We prepared a compost site, with the grass we cleared, land and wood ashes in order to fertilize the crops later on.
In the afternoon, with Patrick and Agathe, we went in Tiban Primary School. We brought 10 school bags containing: 8 notebooks (6 with lines and 2 with squares), 10 pencils, 2 blue pens, 2 red pens, 10 coloured pencils, 5 colored crayons, 1 glue stick, 1 rubber, 1 sharpener. Most of the material came from a school in America, some of it (4 notebook, the pens, the rubbers and the sharpeners) were bought with the fund raising money I brought from Italy. Each bag was given to a child affected by epilepsy. I also paid, with the fund raising money, the school fees for 1 year (5 000 FCFA) for each children.


Friday: At Upstation Primary school we also prepared the compost. We had no wood ash, thus it was made with grass and land only. We also made a passage through thick vegetation to a nearby stream in order to give easy access to water while in the garden.

Upstation Primary School

Upstation Primary School


You can view this post as a PDF document by Pietro by clicking here.

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