BOOKS WORLDWIDE, a great new way to support CAMAAY

Now anyone, anywhere in the world, can support CAMAAY by donating or buying books with our new Books Worldwide campaign.  Click on the links to learn how you can participate by hosting a book exchange party or simply donating any recent textbooks, cookbooks, fiction, reference, or other books in good condition, or, even better, something special or collectible that you’re willing to part with.  If you think it’s better to receive than to give, how about buying a book from our (still tiny, but growing) eBay store?

Whether you donate proceeds from an book party, ship off books we find a buyer for, or purchase a book from our store, if it comes to $50 or more, we’ll send you our spiffy new book tote/reusable grocery bag.

my contribution to the book exchangeI kicked off our campaign with my own book exchange party. First, I scoured my own shelves for books I was ready to part with.  The nicest among them (most notably, some books by George McGovern inscribed to my dad, who ran his direct


Inscribed “For Tom and Isabel with affection and boundless admiration from their friend — George M.”

mail campaign in 1972) I posted to our eBay store, and laid the rest out on display in our guest bedroom.

Then, when I invited four friends and their four kids to dinner, and they said “what can we bring?” I asked for a few books they’d be willing to donate.  I designed a webpage for the event, which I could just leave open on a computer set up next to the books, for those interested. Unfortunately I forgot to print out the bookmarks that I think are the most effective way to let everyone know what the books are for and how to spread the word.

A few more goofs:  the most eager family, who had happily collected a whole bag full of books and stashed them in their car to bring, then ended up bringing the other car and leaving the books behind (I’ve made plans to collect their books later); and I forgot to change the power settings on my laptop so it kept going to sleep and I’m not sure anyone saw it.

With a fairly limited selection and number of buyers, I collected just $19 at the sale, but will be able to sell some of what was left over to Powell’s.  Powell’s, like several other book buyback services that we check online, will give you a quote on what they will pay when you submit the isbns online, and then give you a prepaid and preaddressed shipping label for sending the books in, so I used the Barcode Scanner that I’d installed on my Android smart phone to quickly make a list of the isbns of the books left over.  isbnisbn2history






So far, I’ve only scored a few hits on books that Powell’s wants, but when I collect the forgotten bag of books, I’ll take everything in to the Powell’s store (since I live in Portland, where they’re located), and see what they can use, then add what I get to my $19 donation.

Though not wildly lucrative, it was a good practice event for me, and I hope to try again some time in thebookbag next few months.  Even more importantly, I will post info about it on my own Facebook page.  If I can get one other friend to raise $20 and post about it, and she gets another of her friends to do the same… well, it can add up quickly.

And of course, if you want to have a go, see if you can raise $50 to win our snazzy book/shopping tote.  If you just want to donate cash, use the button on the left.  To donate books, fill out the form at the right.  But I hope you’ll join me in hosting your own event.  You can read more here.  It’s fun and easy — give it a try!  Leave a reply below to let us know what you’re planning.

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