August 2015 water update: inching forward

Claudia and Alexandra have returned home to Spain after spending a month reviewing the existing water systems in the Santa district of Bamenda and making recommendations for improvements.  Read their full report.

Added to the list of improvements Mathilde recommended for Oku and Batibo, we now have a lot of proposed activities but no money to implement them.  The first step is to obtain the information about flow rates, topography, and soils that Claudia identified as being essential to any future feasibility studies.  CAMAAY’s General Coordinator, Patrick Chung, and area extension agents will use this coming year to work with local schools on the flow measurements and research the remaining information.  well camaay

We hope that by next spring, we will be ready to welcome some new volunteers who can use all the information amassed to date to submit grant proposals for some of the projects and work with the local water committees to assess and collect a water levy for others.  In the meantime, we will be looking for someone who can work with local schools and women’s groups to educate the community about the importance of clean water and ways to achieve it.



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