New Partnership with Orkidstudio

CAMAAY is excited to announce that we will be teaming up with Orkidstudio, a UK-based humanitarian design organisation, on sustainable projects in Cameroon. Impressed by Orkidstudio’s other projects around the world, CAMAAY saw Orkidstudio’s potential in providing quality and cost effective infrastructures for CAMAAY’s future community projects. With this partnership, CAMAAY hopes to expand its developing project management and new construction technologies, as well as to foster intercultural exchanges. A long-term partnership with Orkidstudio would mutually benefit all the stakeholders involved, particularly the local communities who benefit from international volunteers and donors.

Photo courtesy of Orkidstudio

Photo courtesy of Orkidstudio

Our first project together is construction of an agricultural hub in Kuk.  Work began this month, as four volunteers from the UK universities worked alongside volunteers from the community to build a structure that will be contain both a facility for raising livestock such as chickens, turkeys, and rabbits and a classroom to train participating youths in sustainable agriculture practices and effective product marketing.

phote courtesy of orkidstudio

Photo courtesy of Orkidstudio

CAMAAY hopes that Orkidstudio will encourage youths to turn to farming, rather than an urban lifestyle. Currently, Cameroon’s farmers are largely elderly people ranging from 55 to 70 years. They follow traditional practices, often resulting in poor returns. As a result, farming has been avoided by the nation’s youth, who see it as a job for only the illiterate, poor and old, turning instead towards the cities where unemployment is high and can’t cope with this influx.

The projects with Orkidstudio will show communities at large that such projects are theirs, for their empowerment and prosperity. Their involvement in the construction process will serve as a moral booster, and many citizens have already expressed an interest in becoming trainees at the facilities built by Orkidstudio.

Orkidstudio will be bringing a wealth of skills to Cameroonian communities.There will be teachers, farmers, and construction and engineering students who will inspire the community to pursue self-sufficiency and lead the future of Cameroon’s agricultural industry.

CAMAAY is really excited to be teaming up with Orkidstudio! If you would like to help contribute to this project, you may make a donation by visiting our Global Giving page, by clicking here.

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