July 2015 Water Update: New Volunteers in Santa District

Claudia Ylla and Alexandra Clara Saracho, who have been studying engineering in Lausanne, arrived from Spain at the beginning of July to volunteer for a month in Cameroon, to assess the best ways to provide clean water to the municipalities in the Santa district.

Current system in disrepair

Current system in disrepair

They soon discovered that much of the information needed to design or improve the water supply system in each community had not yet been collected.The critical pieces of information that were often missing are:

1. Flow rate must be measured over the course of a year. Because precipitation in Cameroon various throughout the year, it would be easy to over-dimension or under-dimension the pipes based on flow rates over just a month or two.We will be working with local schools to collect this information, where needed, over the coming year.

2. Topographic maps are needed to design the piping network. Some communities in Cameroon have pipes in “inverse-slope” – i.e. the water would have to flow against gravity, which is impossible. Topographic maps would allow designers to locate the hills and see the slope distribution.

3. More information about the soil is needed. Different types of soils require different methods and equipment.

To help communities around the north west region collect the needed information so that future volunteers will be able to proceed with the necessary feasibility studies, Claudia resourcefully prepared a small manual that can be distributed to them for this purpose. 

Different pipe sizes

Different pipe sizes

Clean water is essential for thriving communities. If you would like to help Claudia and the communities of the Santa district develop effective water purification systems, you can make a donation on our Global Giving page by clicking here.

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