Seeds make a great gift!

For $50:harvest

  • WE CAN buy enough seeds to plant a school garden that will feed 40 schoolkids and their families a healthy diet for months, and from which they can bank seeds for future gardens for years;
  • YOUR GIFT RECIPIENT gets a card explaining your thoughtful and generous gift;
  • YOU or THEY get a sample of organic moringa powder, made from the miracle plant that is probably the most nutrient-dense food source on on the planet, which we will be planting in our gardens.

When you make a donation in any amount, you’ll get a gift card that you can email, print out, or have mailed.

moringaFor every $50 donation, we will mail a sample of moringa powder either to you to try, or to your gift recipient with a card explaining its benefits along with a note about our project and the generous donation to it that you have made in their name.  We will personalize with your name (and appropriate gender pronoun) and the name of the school we will be purchasing the seeds for.  We can also add a personal note, like “Happy Holidays, Harry!”


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