Please help!

We made our goal to fund six demonstration gardens in local primary schools and won a permanent place on the Global Giving website:  yay!   Thanks to everyone who supported us in this effort. With support from the Cameroon government, we have expanded the project to include six secondary schools.    

This earth-friendly project can free hundreds of Cameroonians from poverty and malnutrition while increasing resilience to climate change with drought-resistant crops and effective water management.   We will be teaching twelve  communities the hardiest and most nutrient-rich crops to grow, how to use organic pesticides and fertilizers to help them thrive, and how to bank the seeds for use the following year.  We hope to show tomorrow’s entrepreneurs that agriculture can be a rewarding enterprise worth pursuing.

This Wednesday, October 15th, is a great time to give our project your support.  Global Giving will be matching donations up to $1,000 per donor at 30%.

There is $75,000 available for  matching and they’re offering a $1,000 bonus award for the most individual donors and a $1,000 bonus award for the most money raised. Matching begins at 9 am EDT — 1 pm GMT.
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